February 28, 2016


Hopu Ka Lewa History

Past Hopu Ka Lewa Winners

Year Champions Boat Race
Beer Bracket Winners Spirit Team Spirit Players
2013 Kumoniwannalayya Magic School Bus Prep Squad Thom Walker &
Laura Gilda
2012 Kumoniwannalayya Sippin’ Sallys Colorado Z Brigade The Hucking Faoles Kumoniwannalayya Benjamin Storey &
Aaron Johnson
2011 Kumoniwannalayya Superstition Pirates Butt Rainbow Butt Rainbow Clay “Dukes” McKell &
Daniel Bailey
2010 Captain Fatbeard Caliaskawaii Cyberninjas Rowboat Cyberninjas Jess Kaneshiro &
Joel Brunger
2009 Mystery Machine No winner recognized Pirates Curt Riffel
2008 Party Van Party Van Aloha Spirit Party Van Meg DeLisle
2007 Hana Hou Swingers & Dumpers Swing of Fire
2006b Hana Hou Swing of Fire Aloha Spirit Pirates Ari Patz &
Chris Garth
2006a Three Hour Tour Three Hour Tour Swing of Fire Georgia Hart
2005 Hana Hou Three Hour Tour Jabouti Swingers & Dumpers Sippin’ Sallys Josh White
2004 Hana Hou Three Hour Tour Forcing Zen Spirit Team Shock-N-Awesome Brian G. &
Joe Paradis
2003 Diego En Fuego Swingers & Dumpers Lei My Chaminade Maui Mana Swingers & Dumpers Heather Mitchell &
Chris Hurwitz
2002 Hana Hou Swingers & Dumpers ZenDisc Spirit Team Chaminade Too many
to write on trophy
2001 Sugar Smacks Swingers & Dumpers Oregon Fighting Sheep Oregon Fighting Sheep Evil E. &
Don N.
2000 Sugar Smacks Swingers & Dumpers ZenDisc Mondo Chun

Past Hopu Ka Lewa Details

Year Hat-Draw Location Tournament Director Tournament Committee
2012 Maui Chris Stevens Laura Stevens, Vu Le, Don N., July Thomson, Kayleigh Hudson, Michelle Swan, Clay “Dukes” McKell, Scott Cooney
2011 Hanalei, Kauai Chris Stevens Laura Stevens, Vu Le, Don N., July Thomson, Kayleigh Hudson, Michelle Swan, Sean Munnelly
2010 Hawi, Big Island Megan Grimshaw & Chris Stevens Laura Stevens, Vu Le, Bill Voss, Becky Shor, Don N., Curt Riffel
2009 Lahaina, Maui Megan Grimshaw Kevin Kelly, Ari Patz, Vu Le, Laura Stevens, Chris Stevens, Bill Voss, Becky Shor
2008 Waimea, Kauai Megan Grimshaw Laura Gilda, Kevin Kelly, Ari Patz, Katelyn Allers, Vu Le, Laura Stevens, Chris Stevens
2007 Hawi, Big Island Laura Gilda Kevin Kelly, Ari Patz, Katelyn Allers, Jason Sickmiller, Megan Grimshaw
2006b Aaron Rosa Kevin Kelly, Laura Gilda, Eric DeRuyeter, Jason Sickmiller, Kevin McGraw
2006a Waimea, Kauai Kevin Kelly Laura Gilda, Aaron Rosa, Eric DeRuyeter, Frances Ajo, Jason Sickmiller
2005 Kaunakakai, Molokai Laura Gilda Rebecca Eldredge, Sara Simmons, Heather Mitchell, Kevin Kelly, Frank Dabrosky, Jason Sickmiller
2004 Hana, Maui Dave Strang Laura Gilda, Rebecca Eldredge, Sara Simmons, Heather Mitchell, Kevin Kelly, Nate Adams
2003 Ignacio Lobos Rebecca Eldredge, Chris Johnson, Leilani Durand, Sara Simmons, Karen Brimacombe, Carolyn Garvey, Bartlett Durand, Laura Gilda
2002 Ignacio Lobos Rebecca Eldredge, Chris Johnson, Leilani Durand, Jim Teo, Karen Brimacombe, Ramzi Mirshak
2001 Hanalei, Kauai Ignacio Lobos Scott Todd, Rebecca Eldredge, Chris Johnson, Leilani Durand, Jim Teo, Laura Gilda, Jacqui Ford
2000 Hilo, Big Island Corey Tyrrell Michael Constantinides, Helga Mispelblom Beyer, Ignacio Lobos, Julie Najita, Rick Needham, Scott Todd

Hopu History

By Ignacio Lobos

Late in 1999, somewhere far from the concrete jungle of Waikiki,
a bunch of Honolulu Ultimate players high on too many cups of
Kona Gold coffee decided it would be a great idea to have a
relaxed, spirited coed tournament on the island of Oahu.

Surely, we thought, palm trees, plenty of sunshine and the
brilliant blue waters of Hawaii would be enough to attract
hundreds, if not thousands of teams to our little corner of the
world. Already, Oahu was known for its successful Kaimana
Klassik, a competitive tournament held by the Hawaii Ultimate
League Association (HULA) for the last 14 years. The Klassik was
turning teams away. And, so we thought, we would be saddled by
the same problem.

Our first lesson in humility came on February 2000, when only one
team had entered a bid. Eyebrows were raised, noses twitched in
discomfort, and some grumbling was heard in the room as we
pondered whether Hopu would turn from a dream into
disappointment. Yet, this little group of disc players wasn’t
about to give up.

We pushed on, perhaps crazily, some might say. By April, nine
teams had signed on, with 130 players joining our party. For our
small Ultimate community in Oahu, it was quite a feat. We had
teams from California, Minnesota and Virginia. Yet, without local
players, the tournament would never have happened. So, our first
thanks go to them, and to those who came from very far to join us
for the love of the game.

In 2003, after four successful tournaments, Hopu took another big
step. The HULA community voted to take Hopu under its wing and
make it an official HULA tournament. We believe this move will
ensure the continued success of the tourney.

Much mahalo and aloha should go to the first organizing Hopu
Committee, which got this thing started. Corey Tyrrell was the
tournament¹s first director, and the main thrust behind the idea
of a coed tourney on Oahu. Joining him and keeping things running
smoothly were Julie Najita, Michael Constantinides, Rick Needham,
Helga Mispelblom Beyer, Ignacio Lobos and Scott Todd.