Team Bid Processes

You can skip straight to the bid form here. We are also accepting team bid payments. Otherwise, read on!
NOTICE: Team bid payments submitted after midnight Hawaii Standard Time on Aug 11, 2014 will be considered late.

Hopu Ka Lewa is a Hawaii Ultimate tournament that focuses on capturing and encouraging the Spirit of the Game, and the Spirit of the Community. As the tournament has continued to grow in both size and spirit, the team bid competition has become quite heated. We do our best to accomodate all applying teams, but at the same time we are more keen on cultivating a tournament that exemplifies good competitive ultimate founded on the very best of spirit(s), fun, antics, cheers, costumes, games, and all the other aspects of the game that make it an Ultimate Experience. With this in mind we give priority to those teams who we feel offer the most to the entirety of the tournament experience, not just badass disc skills.

As we promote the creative and community building aspects of this tournament, we base a lot of our bid critiques on the overall message a team sends through its bid documents. The documents can be video or presentation based, songs, dances, photo montages, or the promise of some really intriguing surprises. We don't need spoilers, but we do need a good tease. Please keep this in mind as you formulate your teams plan to get invited to Hopu Ka Lewa 16!


The $375 initial deposit can later be applied to three individual players' fees (the captain plus two other players). For those teams that do not make the final cut, we will refund your full deposit.

Bid-winning teams will be notified via email (as will wait-listed teams) by Aug 25. Bid-winning teams must respond via e-mail or letter by Oct 1, whether or not they wish to accept the bid. If no response is received, that team will forfeit its bid, and the next wait-listed team will be contacted. At this point, the declining bid-winning team will receive a 100% refund on its deposit.

Bid-winning teams are required to secure their bid by submitting entrance fees for at least 8 players (at $120 per player) by Sep 22.

If a bid-winning and bid-accepting team fails to submit the above mentioned players' fees, its bid will be lost, and the next wait-listed team will be given priority. If we are able to fill this new vacancy, we will issue only a partial deposit refund of $160. If we are unable to fill the vacancy, no refund of deposit will be issued.

If any team forfeits its position after Oct 1, the deposit will be forfeited, regardless of our success in filling the vacancy.

Important Team Bid Dates

Keep these dates in mind when planning to bring a team to Hopu!

Aug 7, 2014
Postmark date for all team bid checks: $375. If paying by check, please make it out to Hopu Ka Lewa and send it to:
Ari Patz
666 Prospect St. #102
Honolulu, HI 96813
Aug 11, 2014
Last day to submit a team bid and pay the deposit online.
Aug 25, 2014
Invite and Waitlisted notifications will be emailed to captains.
Sep 5, 2014
Last day for teams to send email confirmation of bid acceptance.
Sep 22, 2014
Last day to request partial refund of team deposit.

Bid Priority Considerations

Every year, Hopu Ka Lewa's popularity grows, and we have gotten to the point where we regretfully cannot accept all of the bid applications we receive. In accordance with the mission of Hopu Ka Lewa, the committee will decide on team bid applications with the following priority considerations in mind. These are not requirements to submit a successful bid application, but will only help your chances for invitation.

  1. Local Hawaii teams.
  2. Teams whose history of exuding Spirit of the Game, sportsmanship, and creativity far exceeds others at Hopu Ka Lewa.
  3. Bids that include a 3-5 minute video explaining who your team is, why you deserve to be invited, and what you will contribute to the Hopu Ka Lewa theme. Other creative media and forms of expression are very welcome and appreciated.
  4. Teams that anticipate that they will contribute something to Hopu Ka Lewa that has never been seen before and will change the tournament forever.
  5. Teams with the highest number of players who are 100% committed to attending.
  6. Bids submitted prior to the deadline.
  7. Teams whose registration fees are paid prior to the deadline.