November 13-16, 2015

Important Dates

We'll make an announcement soon.
July: Bid window opens
Please submit your team bid via the online form. Supplemental materials, such as video or other media, are strongly encouraged and can be emailed to the Tournament Directors. Show us what your team will contribute to the tournament and why you want to play in Hopu Ka Lewa 16. The more spirited your bid, the better your chances of getting to play! This tournament is all about sharing the Ohana experience with the community and getting to know each other. Creativity and artistic expression are strongly encouraged.
Aug 11: Bid deadline
Please get your bids in before the deadline so the selection process can start.
Aug 25: Teams announced
All captains of teams who submitted bids will get emails notifying them of acceptance or otherwise.
Sep 5: Bid confirmation deadline
Captains must notify the TD or risk forfeiting their team's bid.
Sep 22: Skeleton registration deadline
We know how hard it is to get players to commit to travel and play. But we ask that your team have at least 8 players registered by this date in order for the committee to see tangible committement. Your team bid covers 3 players already, so that is really only 5 more people to sign up!
November 7-10: Et Tu Hopu
Get your Roman holiday on!
Sippin Sallys 2012 Boat Race Champions


Hopu would like to thank our sponsors for their generous help. Many mahalos to:


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